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How trustworthy is your data today, and does it tell the whole story? HealthEC offers a Universal Data Warehouse (UDW) that captures virtually all available electronic healthcare data for member patients.





Public health

Social determinants of health (SDoH)

The HealthEC UDW is a centralized source of truth, something EHRs struggle to achieve on their own. A trusted, flexible repository facilitates data access for the generation of analytics and care tasks. A UDW supports clinical plans and other stakeholder objectives with real-time global analytics. The efficient UDW architecture gives you the complete picture when assessing your populations, and down to the patient level to address gaps in care or specific care needs.

BONUS:The HealthEC UDW enables organizations using disparate systems to identify cost efficiencies and quality of care improvement opportunities and stores that information in a single repository.

In Use Today

HealthEC received CMS certification for the Medicaid Data Warehouse in 2019. This data warehouse was implemented for the District of Columbia’s Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) in support of their new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). HealthEC met all critical success factors on the first inspection!

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HealthEC’s expertise in data warehouse development and implementation facilitates unparalleled data access and connectivity, affording organizations and states flexible, cost-efficient performance and reporting solutions.

Value-Driven Solutions

  • CMS certified data warehouse and decision support system eligible for re-use under CMS 2392-F
  • Easy to develop data marts that can render established and custom reports with ease and on demand to increase adoption and utilization
  • Single source of truth for all data for all stakeholders
  • Speed and scalability means solutions are quick to implement and support your future data sources, alliances or new partnerships
  • Low maintenance: UDW-as-a-service model eliminates maintenance time and costs expected with an on-premises model. Stakeholders are free from the difficulties of purchasing, setting up, and managing costly in-house hardware and IT resources.
  • Cost savings: Cloud-based infrastructure is cost-effective and universally accessible
  • Security: HealthEC is a trusted partner for secure data. UDWs include always-on, end-to-end data encryption and built-in protection against loss of data (accidental or malicious). HealthEC’s UDW is hosted in a HITRUST FedRAMP and ISO 27001 certified environment.

Security Audits and Certification

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