Population Health

HealthEC’s Population Health Management suite aggregates, normalizes and integrates data stored in siloed legacy and enterprise applications to offer a comprehensive view of your clinical and financial data.

Predictive analytics tools help providers stratify patients and identify opportunities for care coordination improvement, starting with at-risk patients.

Care management prompts and patient engagement tools help providers transform patient information into data-driven workflows designed to optimize care delivery to improve patient outcomes while controlling the per capita cost of care.

HealthEC® delivers actionable clinical analytics and automated care prompts using simple, user-friendly dashboards to help providers drive better patient outcomes.



Data Aggregation

Analytics are only as good as the data you have to draw from. HealthEC’s clinical connectors and interoperability tools crosswalk and integrate data from across your healthcare enterprise, including all external sources. Extensive experience and technology ensure that you can access data from any system, any setting of care, and in any format, guaranteed!

HealthEC® enables real-time visibility into clinical, claims, administrative and other data in a single, private and secure environment, creating a unified data warehouse that facilitates holistic and uninterrupted flow of information across your affiliate network.




Data Analytics

Using a population-level view of patient data, HealthEC’s Analytics solution helps providers identify high-cost, high-risk patients that pose the greatest opportunity to reduce utilization through targeted care management. Data is examined based on acute and chronic conditions, risk scores, resource utilization, and other criteria to identify patients that require intervention. Leadership gains executive-level insight into referral patterns, quality metrics and other KPIs - by provider or by patient population - to inform population health management programs and support contract discussions.




Care Coordination

Analytics-driven care management dashboards and patient-specific workflow prompts promote high-priority care interventions to drive patient engagement and smarter resource utilization, one targeted initiative at a time. The tool consolidates all relevant patient clinical and claims data to enable an authorized care team member to see all of the patient’s programs, any gaps in care, current medications, upcoming appointments, admissions and discharges, problem lists, goals and barriers. Built-in resources include social determinants of health assessments, care team task assignment tools and value-based care program reporting assistance.




Patient Engagement

An engaged, highly informed patient can realize a higher quality of life while bringing substantial savings to value based care programs. HealthEC® bridges the gap between patients and technology throughout the lifecycle of their treatment by providing appointment reminders, educational resources, alerts and secure messaging, while also supporting patients with health tracking activities through data entry and logging. Providers can securely and compliantly interact with their patients through direct mobile app engagement, web portals, and e-payment tools.



Annual Wellness Visits

Medical beneficiaries can opt for an annual wellness visit each year to lower risk of illness and injury, but it is often neglected. HealthEC® incorporates Annual Wellness Visits providing Personalized Prevention Plan Services as part of your standard workflow, introducing new opportunities for reimbursement while supporting your value-based care objectives and the wellness goals of your population.




Chronic Care Management

Drive better outcomes while taking advantage of monthly earnings for chronic care management services rendered to patients with two or more chronic conditions. HealthEC® has all the resources you need to identify these chronic care patients and drive better communication, medication management, disease management and individualized care plans. Achieve value-based care goals and chronic care management incentives by identifying and engaging with qualified chronic condition patients.




Performance Reporting

Proactively prepare and align your health management processes to ensure maximum compliance for various quality reporting requirements including PQRS, MIPS/MACRA, GPRO, HEDIS, TCPi/PTN and more. HealthEC® integrates all data sources on one platform, regardless of the format or connectivity methodology prescribed, enabling a comprehensive view of the patient’s clinical history. Enable your Care Team to actively manage evidence-based gaps in care for the target patient population and use the robust report generator to deliver data to reporting agencies in the specified format (XML, CSV, Pipe-Delimited, Custom, etc.)




Advisory Services

HealthEC’s experts offer a range of consultative services to help you reach your goals, from implementing or evolving your population health strategy to guiding governance and physician engagement in your healthcare organization. How can we help you improve performance and meet objectives?

"From day one, HealthEC’s best clinical practices and deep knowledge of population health management enabled our ACO to achieve success."