Social Determinants of Health

A patient's socioeconomic status can have a profound impact on their health.

Financially stable, well-educated patients are often better equipped to deal with the complexities of today’s healthcare system, while other patients are forced to navigate food and housing insecurity, language barriers, and other obstacles — putting them at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to overall physical and emotional health.

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Addressing these social determinants of health has become a central theme of today's medical services industry, with organizations across the healthcare spectrum taking a more holistic view of patients and the approaches used to connect the most vulnerable populations to the healthcare and community resources they need.

With a keen eye on improving health outcomes and cost savings, HealthEC has pioneered the integration of social determinants of health for patients on our CareConnect platform, allowing care coordinators to address and prevent barriers to care that interfere with individualized care plans.

KLAS Recognition

As a participant in the 2019 KLAS Population Health Care Management Report, HealthEC was the only provider among the 13 vendors reviewed in the survey to have all of our platform capabilities for social determinants of health validated by KLAS, confirming that our comprehensive population health management solution addresses social determinants of health in a meaningful way using a seamless, integrated approach.

Source: 2019 KLAS Population Health Care Management Report

Built-in Social Determinants of Health

HealthEC’s care coordination solution, CareConnect, includes built-in social determinants of health assessments that facilitate a more in-depth look at the socioeconomic and environmental circumstances that adversely affect patient health, allowing providers to close healthcare gaps and connect patients to the care and community resources they need.

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