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Performance Reporting

Quality Measure Reports



HealthEC delivers:

  • Integrates all data sources on a single platform
  • Ensures optimal compliance with performance metrics
  • Delivers robust reporting tools for data submission
  • Offers advisory services to evolve programs


Faced with declining reimbursements and escalating reporting requirements, providers are making tough decision about program and plan participation. A huge administrative burden is taking the physician’s time away from patients, yet understanding compliance with quality measures is critical to driving healthier populations.

HealthEC proactively prepares and aligns health management processes to optimize quality while ensuring compliance with various performance reporting requirements including MACRA/MIPS/GPRO/QCDR, ACI/CIA, HEDIS, HCC/RAF, TCPI/PTN, Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), Oncology Care Model (OCM) Registry, State-based Health Homes and more.

The ability to integrate all data on a single platform, combined with a library of standard reports and a flexible reporting tool, ensures that providers can meet strategic, financial and regulatory reporting requirements with relative ease.