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Quality Measure Reports

Quality Reporting and tracking key clinical indicators, has been of great interest to those in the Healthcare Industry. Be it Payers, Providers or Patients, they all need visibility into the overall health management cycle, in an effort to positively affect the health outcomes for the patient.

Various organizations adopt varied measures to access and control their impact on their Patients’ health. Meeting the Quality requirements can thus be complicated and difficult sometimes, if not most of the times.

HealthEC works closely with you to:

  • Integrate all data sources on one platform, regardless of the format or connectivity methodology prescribed, enabling a comprehensive view of the patients clinical history
  • Provide a holistic view on Productivity, Quality Reporting, and Risk Management
  • Proactively prepare and align your processes to ensure maximum compliance for the various Quality requirements



  • Intuitive yet simplistic User Interface, for documentation of Quality related data, coupled with our robust report generator so you can deliver the required information to the reporting Agency, in the specified format (XML, CSV, Pipe-Delimited, Custom, etc.)
  • Enable your Care Team to actively manage evidence-based Gaps in Care for the target patient population

We have successfully helped our clients with end-to-end; PQRS, GPRO, DSRIP and HEDIS reporting.


** Avoid 2018 Medicare Payment Adjustments