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The Care Centered Collaborative at The Pennsylvania Medical Society Establishes Joint Venture with HealthEC

New partnership will help independent physicians build Clinically Integrated Networks to more readily achieve value based care contracts

HARRISBURG, P.A. and PISCATAWAY, N.J. - November 14, 2017 - Care Centered Collaborative - A joint venture is announced today between the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), which was created one year ago to promote value-based care across the state, and HealthEC, a KLAS-recognized population health management company. HealthEC will work with The Collaborative to assist independent physicians and physician groups in establishing or further enabling select Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs). The multi-year joint venture creates the opportunity for these CINs to secure value based care contracts with payers.

Through this partnership, multiple independent physician practices will be able to use HealthEC’s clinical and financial data aggregation services to work across specialties and geography to collectively improve patient care, decrease cost, and demonstrate value to the market. The model enables independent physicians to remain competitive amidst revenue and cost pressures brought about by health reform initiatives.

"We are very happy to add to our current capabilities this new solution that helps physicians maintain their practice independence while also participating in care delivery models that reward access, quality, and cost metrics," said Jaan Sidorov, MD, President of The Care Centered Collaborative. "This joint venture will empower more physicians with access to data across the patient’s entire healthcare experience, allowing them to make fully-informed care decisions. The HealthEC infrastructure will support collaboration across providers and drive high quality, cost effective care."

Additionally, members will gain access to other HealthEC services including care coordination resources to proactively manage the care of high-cost high-risk patients.

"We’re proud to be able to help practitioners maintain their independence while keeping care local and gaining access to value based contracts as a collaborative group," said Sanjay Seth, MD, Executive Vice President at HealthEC. "Our relationship will position providers to take on higher levels of accountability for effectively managing utilization and population health across the State of Pennsylvania."

About The Care Centered Collaborative

The Collaborative was created in 2016 by the Pennsylvania Medical Society to better promote and enable collaboration among physician-led practices and networks. It offers strategic partnerships to help physicians more confidently participate in value-based healthcare models and contracts. The Collaborative’s tools, resources and expertise allows physicians to achieve the highest levels of patient-centered outcomes. Current offerings include affordable MIPS Registry Reporting programs, Management Services, Population Health Analytics, and Case Management programs. Visit the website to learn more.

About HealthEC

HealthEC is a KLAS-recognized end-to-end provider of Population Health Management solutions, helping providers and payers fully realize the benefits of value-based care by translating electronic data (clinical, claims, and community-based) into actionable insights that measurably improve outcomes and reduce costs. HealthEC’s core solution is a flexible, comprehensive platform that aggregates data from disparate sources, utilizes machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to identify high-risk patients, and generates customized, coordinated care plans to improve quality and mitigate the financial impact of high utilization. HealthEC also offers bespoke advisory and managed services that define and support the strategic roadmap of healthcare leaders as they transition to prioritizing outcomes over volume. To learn more, visit follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, or call 800-444-0278, ext. 1500.

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Deborah Benward
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