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KLAS Recognizes HealthEC for Population Health Management Solution’s Data Source Integration and Aggregation Capabilities

First-time entrant rates well for flexibility in adapting to healthcare providers’ evolving needs

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - January 5, 2017 - As a first-time participant, HealthEC distinguished itself in key capability segments including recognition as a "most promising" vendor and for its population health management (PHM) technology solution’s ability to integrate and aggregate an exceptionally high number of data feeds* in the newly published KLAS Population Health Performance Report 2016

HealthEC also rated well for flexibility in adapting to evolving needs with a remarkable score of 8.8* on a 9.0 overall performance score. According to KLAS, "A vendor’s flexibility and responsiveness are strong indicators of overall vendor performance and correlate strongly with overall KLAS scores."

The KLAS report released Jan. 3 compared 25 vendors of PHM solutions. KLAS reviewers affirmed HealthEC “may be raising the bar when it comes to aggregating data from a large number of different sources” with proven capability in establishing and maintaining data feeds between ease and scale. This finding also supports one of three rising priorities of providers in their vendor selections of PHM solutions as told to KLAS: "High-quality patient data with which they can reliably make decisions. Both time and money are short, so data feeds must be easy to build and maintain."

The KLAS report further explained that a providers’ ability to manage populations is born out of the data upon which decisions are based. To obtain the most complete picture of patient health, data often must be gathered from multiple sources. Approximately 50 percent of HealthEC customers interviewed by KLAS reported more than 11 data feeds currently aggregated into HealthEC’s PHM tool.

The company is "praised by their customers for being able to aggregate multiple sources of data, including claims, EMR, HIE, lab, and other data sources" with an overall performance score of 85.5*, above average for their segment.

"Being a first-time entrant, we are proud to be recognized in multiple segments of the KLAS Population Health Performance Report and are sincerely appreciative of our clients’ participation," said Arthur Kapoor, HealthEC’s President and CEO.

"We’ve transitioned rapidly from a healthcare clearinghouse to the industry’s ‘best kept secret’ as a data and analytics powerhouse for population health management," he added. "With millions of dollars in proven savings, HealthEC’s mission is to help IPAs, CINs, ACOs, health systems and payers uncover practice patterns, trends and high-risk patients that are negatively influencing outcomes and driving up costs to improve care and profitable participation in quality payment programs."

Among the HealthEC users interviewed, comments spotlighted the company’s ease of integrating data feeds, impressive data aggregation and its Care Manager platform’s flexibility compared to other population health tools. Care Manager is part of HealthEC’s PHM solution that manages a patient’s personalized care plan through patient engagement tools.

  • "HealthEC is not only making data feeds easy, but they are contacting the vendors and working with them to make things happen."
  • "The aggregated data from HealthEC Care Manager is very impressive, and the system is extremely flexible. We can cut and slice the data in a variety of ways. Other population health tools have certain canned items, but the minute we want to slice the data differently, those tools have to be modified. With HealthEC Care Manager, we can just switch things in a heartbeat, look at the data differently, and re-sort the data. The process is really quick, and HealthEC Care Manager is an impressive tool."

* KLAS Konfidence is a measure of sample size. HealthEC was included in KLAS’ "Below Konfidence category” for population health management vendors because fewer than 15 interviews were conducted.

About HealthEC

HealthEC is a KLAS-recognized end-to-end provider of Population Health Management solutions, helping providers and payers fully realize the benefits of value-based care by translating electronic data (clinical, claims, and community-based) into actionable insights that measurably improve outcomes and reduce costs. HealthEC’s core solution is a flexible, comprehensive platform that aggregates data from disparate sources, utilizes machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to identify high-risk patients, and generates customized, coordinated care plans to improve quality and mitigate the financial impact of high utilization. HealthEC also offers bespoke advisory and managed services that define and support the strategic roadmap of healthcare leaders as they transition to prioritizing outcomes over volume. To learn more, visit follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, or call 800-444-0278, ext. 1500.

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