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How to Get Started

Comprehensive Joint Replacement

Step 1

  • Complete and send in PQRS Registration Form
  • Get data organized and ready in enough time to meet the March 21st 2017 deadline
  • We recommend reporting by Measure Groups, Click Here to see detailed specifications & instructions for each group
  • To search for Measures by Specialty, Click Here
  • If any questions, please Contact Us

Step 2

  • The data entry portal for Measure Groups will be ready by October 15th, 2016, and for Individual Measures, by January 1st, 2017.
  • Using your completed Data Collection form, enter the data into the PQRS portal with credentials you received after registering
  • Please submit your data by 3/21/17
  • If additional guidance is needed, access the CMS 2016 PQRS Measures Group Manual

Step 3

  • Check and confirm your Tax ID and NPI
  • Review your data before submitting
  • Make sure all data items are completed
  • You will receive a confirmation email from CMS upon submission of your data

Background on PQRS

PQRS is a reporting program that uses a combination of incentive payments and negative payment adjustments to promote the reporting of quality information by Eligible Professionals (EPs). Powered by HealthEC®, over 6,000 Providers have been able to successfully complete their PQRS submissions accurately and on-time. This is significant to Providers since participation in PQRS enables Eligible Professionals to avoid penalties and earn incentives on Physician Fee Schedule services that are provided to Medicare Part B Fee-for-Service (FFS) beneficiaries. In addition, participants gain the opportunity to better assess and enhance their quality of care.

Providers are able to report as individual Eligible Professionals, or can participate in the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO). We recommend selecting a Measures Group relevant to your practice, and then, a minimum of 20 patients who meet the group’s patient criteria must be selected. If reporting on individual measures, there are over 200 to choose from, and you must report on at least 50% of eligible Medicare Part B FFS patients or encounters for each measure. Satisfactory reporting options are provided by CMS, including determining the measure criteria, how to pass validation, and possible validation adjustments. Starting in 2015, not reporting PQRS submissions leads to a quality-based and value modifier adjustment ranging from -2% to -6% in Provider penalties from CMS.

HealthEC® partners with NJ-HITEC, a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), to submit data to CMS. Together, we want to ensure that Providers are fully equipped to achieve meaningful use objectives to improve the quality of healthcare overall and take advantage of new financial incentives through PQRS.

For additional information, please see the article about our PQRS capabilities on EHR Intelligence:


About HealthEC®

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