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Everyone Connected

Population Health Technology – The New Standard

A successful transition from fee-for-service to value-based care demands that all healthcare organizations have "big picture" data that allows them to make informed decisions that both improve patient care and reduce unnecessary costs. A comprehensive population health management platform that aggregates claims and clinical data from multiple sources, delivers key insights into the cost drivers and quality measures that impact performance-based reimbursements, and engages the entire care team, can be a game changer.

The HealthEC population health platform is built on these critical capabilities – data integration, analytics, and care coordination – providing an end-to-end solution that informs strategic planning and helps deliver on organizational goals.

Connected Systems

Comprehensive Data Supports Holistic Care Decisions

With industry-leading capabilities to cross walk and normalize data from any system, any setting, or in any format, HealthEC ensures easy access to needed data and 360-degree views of individual patients and patient cohorts.

The result?

An enterprise master person index (eMPI) that establishes a complete longitudinal record for each patient managed within the platform, streamlines workflow and gives decision makers the comprehensive information they need to deliver quality outcomes, mitigate risk, and manage costs—while driving patient engagement and satisfaction.

HealthEC Data aggregation
HealthEC 3D Analytics

HealthEC 3D Analytics

Connecting 3 Dimensions of Data - In Real Time, At The Point of Care

Leveraging fully interoperable data aggregated on the HealthEC population health platform, the HealthEC 3D Analytics interface interprets and analyzes information across the three dimensions most essential to success in a value-based healthcare landscape: claims, clinical and quality.

  • Risk stratify patient populations into high-, low- and rising-risk cohorts
  • Understand utilization and cost drivers across the practice, network or enterprise
  • Measure and manage quality metrics, and meet reporting requirements for MIPS/MACRA, GPRO, PQRS, HEDIS, and more
  • Identify gaps in care
  • Identify physician/practice performance patterns and enable peer comparisons
  • Apply regression models to understand the probability of high-cost events, such as ED admission, inpatient hospitalization and readmission

Armed with deep insights into patient populations, healthcare organizations can anticipate clinical and fiscal issues before they occur and take steps to mitigate negative outcomes.

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HealthEC CareConnect

Data Empowers Connected, Team-Based Care

Fueled by the insights derived from HealthEC's analytics, HealthEC CareConnect enables care managers to streamline workflow, engage patients in their care, and optimize quality and performance outcomes.

Based on established clinical guidelines, the CareConnect module helps care managers coordinate across case management, disease management, utilization and health and wellness functions. It also allows them to deliver holistic care with individualized care plans that factor in comorbidities, risk factors and potential barriers to care.

On a single platform, care managers can easily:

  • Proactively identify the most effective interventions
  • Perform disease-based risk stratification
  • Create new care plans that are tailored and "risk aware"
  • Record and access all patient communications and interact with patients via secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging
  • Perform assessments for social determinants of health and behavioral health
  • Take actions based on automated platform alerts
  • Identify and refer patients to relevant community resources
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 HealthEC Care Connect

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