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Population Health Management Solution

Many health organizations miss on multiple opportunities that remain untapped and unknown when it comes to Population Health Management. It is often critiqued as being so broad as to include everything under one umbrella. This adds up to the existing pressure to adhere to various regulatory demands while delivering better care for your population. Another school-of-thought also states that cost-cutting may lead to an overzealous prospective denial of care as well as retrospective denial of payment. Needless to say, this makes it a complex issue. Large amount of data is often underutilized by many analytical and reporting systems.

The lean solutions from HealthEC® give you just what you need:

Unique Features

  • Seamless integration of all data (clinical, financial and utilization data) across the care continuum
  • Integrated predictive analytics, utilization and care coordination that automates provider and patient engagement ensuring evidence-based clinical practice
  • Support pre-built clinical quality measures to include, ACO, MU, HEDIS, PQRS, etc.
  • More precise identification and closure of care-gaps
  • Improved Forecasting and impact assessment
  • ADT alerts, real-time clinical information especially from OON facilities
  • TeleHealth – for high risk as well as healthy patients with acute illnesses

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Actionable Analytics platform

  • Provider/Care Manager Scorecards with risk adjusted peer comparison
  • Disease Registries with real-time Care Gaps closure
  • Unique proprietary algorithms for risk, patient care and diseases
  • Monitoring Network and Referral utilization to manage leakage

Care Management platform

  • Management across care continuum
  • Personalized Care Plan (Comprehensive Longitudinal Patient Record)
  • Patient Engagement tools: enhanced portals, mobile health technologies (mHealth), wearable devices, HIPAA-compliant video chat, social media, etc.
  • Centralized vs. Embedded Care Coordination model

HealthEC® thus helps you optimize operational costs improving Population Health.

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