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Patient Engagement

Patient care

HealthEC® understands the value of Patients’ contributions/involvement in the overall improvement of Health and the healthcare system as a whole. Thus we remain focused on deploying our expertise to engage Patients and drive them to take better care of their health. Our Patient Engagement Tool bridges the gap between the Patients and their physical and mental care through simplified technology.

The solution creates awareness through directly engagingpatients more and more with their health goals. This consistent engagement exercise results in greater control over health monitoring and management. Better health results and lower costs, thus benefiting the healthcare eco system.

Some key features of the HealthEC® Solution:

  • Improved access for Patients to their clinical data
  • Medication and Health Reminders
  • On-line Assessments to help manage outcomes
  • Share Health Records with designated care teams for duration required
  • Seamless integration of data to bridge care gaps and effective planning
  • Easy integration with wellness and tele-health monitoring devices
  • Multi-channel alerts – Text Messages, E-mail, Reminders and Push Notifications
  • Ease of access to Patient to most updated and well-integrated data (EMR, HIE, Lab, etc.)
  • Care Navigator access for easy monitoring and tracking of daily performance
  • Multiple communication methods like Instant Messaging, Audio/Video Calls

Patient Engagement - Care Alerts

Patient Engagement - Health Tracker