Past Events

Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

Date: August 15-18, 2017

Venue: Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland, Booths 87 & 88!

Visit us at Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference, Booths 87 & 88! Learn how HealthEC® is providing data aggregation and reporting to ACOs and other organizations serving the nation’s Medicaid population. Talk with our team about the role of care coordination, individualized care plans, social determinants of health and patient-friendly tools in helping improve quality of care and manage costs. HealthEC’s enterprise-class population health management solution, together with a trained staff, can reduce readmissions by 14.7%, ED visits by 8.3% and SNF bed days by 23%.

Don’t miss session 5-5, "Applying Advanced Analytics to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes" on Friday, August 18th, from 8:30-9:30 am.

Learn how HealthEC aggregated 10 years of Medicaid data in 12 weeks for the District of Columbia Primary Care Association to:

  • Pinpoint utilization challenges
  • Identify high-risk and high-cost patients
  • Support accurate forecasting and trend analysis
  • Take action for a healthier community

Discover how HealthEC customers are generating $Millions in Medicare Shared Savings and commercial payer gain sharing programs, increasing provider revenue opportunity by 20-50%! #MESC2017

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