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Interoperability: Staying the course, long and meandering though it may be

HealthEC Media Coverage

February 2, 2017

Despite many detours this past decade-plus, those directly involved in the advancement of interoperability say the course remains straight ahead to achieving full-scale connection across all systems and entities in the healthcare continuum.

The computer science term "crosswalking" is at the heart of health IT data conversion projects. Through automated mapping that can be easily pared with disparate codes, crosswalking guarantees better system and user connectivity performance to effectively preserve interoperability efforts, says Sita Kapoor, CIO and chief architect of Piscataway, NJ-based HealthEC.

Crosswalking helps ensure a high level of interoperability via mapping of healthcare data standards such as HL7, LOINC, SNOMED, CMS regulations, HIPAA, NLM, Medicare, Joint Commission, CPT, HCPS, NQF and NDC as well as ICD-9 and 10.

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Excerpt from Healthcare IT News.