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Oct 2018

Dr. Sanjay Seth and Dr. Jaan Sidorov take a closer look at a group of independent practices in Pennsylvania that have banded together as The Care Centered Collaborative to implement population health management solutions into their operations and participate in value-based contracts.

Over the past six years, many physician-owned practices across the country have reluctantly chosen to be acquired in favor of health system ownership that alleviates administrative burden by providing access to integrated systems, resources and influence.

Despite the increased market pressure to be acquired, many physicians, particularly high-performing ones, have felt compelled to remain independent to better serve the health of their communities — and they are maintaining their independence in creative ways.

In one example, physician-owned practices throughout central and southeastern Pennsylvania are collaborating to simulate the strength of an integrated delivery network. With the help of the Care Centered Collaborative at the Pennsylvania Medical Society, this group of practices is negotiating value-based contracts with payers through a statewide buying group program that includes population health analytics software, a care management platform and case management services.

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