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Controlling costs & improving outcomes with population health management

HealthEC Media Coverage

April 12, 2017

In the quest to improve patient health outcomes and lower costs, one of the biggest challenges providers face is harnessing an organization-wide view of data to identify performance improvement opportunities. Many struggle integrating data from disparate systems onto a single, comprehensive platform that supports population-level analytics. Few have success stories in reaching an effective population health management strategy.

Allegiance Health overcame the fundamental challenge of integrating data from disparate systems, inspiring new care management approaches that drastically reduced costs, produced significant efficiencies in patient care management and resource utilization, and reallocated limited resources to achieve better outcomes. Aided by their population health management strategy, Allegiance ACO generated 6% or $2 million in cost savings among its 3,000 beneficiaries in 2015.

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Excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review