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Data Aggregation

Clinical Connectors

The Healthcare industry is on a quest to have their hospitals and physicians take more ownership and accountability to improve health-outcomes while reducing operational costs.

Standardization and integration of the data across the healthcare continuum is the key here. HealthEC® provides you the edge through its Clinical connectors and interoperability solutions that allows doctors and hospital technology to work towards a unified data structure that facilitates holistic and uninterrupted flow of data.

Validated connectors supporting built-in integration typify the technologies HealthEC® implements for its industry users. Great care is taken to ensure that integration happens through a seamless process, while ensuring full-accountability for incoming/outgoing data, via a robust audit trail and monitoring User Interface.


Clinical Connectors & Interoperability Solutions

Clinical Connectors & Interoperability Solutions


HealthEC® helps you by provisioning for the following:

  • Deployment of the appropriate, HIPAA Compliant, IT infrastructure for a comprehensive, integrated solution
  • Actionable data by standardizing incoming data feeds from disparate sources
  • Tracking adherence to established quality measures and financial benchmarks
  • Longitudinal, Patient-Centric Care Plans, aggregating data from all the various sources, enabling proficient Evidence-Based decisions at the Point of Care
  • Enhanced Care Coordination through automated provider workflows, and real-time alerts
  • Improved Patients’ satisfaction and engagement
  • Innovative reimbursement models for all care-givers
  • Unobstructed visibility and transparency across your health system, allowing adept network management
  • Highly-scalable, and flexible enterprise solution, to take on any initiative or newly defined patient population, with minimal turn-around time