HealthEC Advisory Services

HealthEC's subject matter experts provide an array of consulting services to develop or refine value-based care strategies that deliver upon your organization’s financial, clinical and operational initiatives.

Advisory Services


  • Evaluate organizational readiness for value-based contracting and/or risk-sharing arrangements
  • Develop and implement strategies to adapt to value-based arrangements
  • Develop provider payment models
  • Guide cost reduction and quality improvement initiatives using comprehensive data analysis
  • Develop clinical care protocols
HealthEC Financial/Governance
Healthec Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Auditing and Reporting

  • Develop strategies and plans to ensure practice optimization for MIPS reporting
  • Conduct “chart chasing” for GPRO reporting
  • Provide support for commercial payer audits
  • Provide advice on quality measure selection for program reporting

Advisory Services

Clinical Transformation

  • Provide practice education and consulting for ACO/program measures
  • Develop quality improvement goals/objectives and monitor program results
  • Assist with Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition
  • Implement practice transformation initiatives to improve throughput, eliminate redundancy, and engage employees and staff
  • Design provider communication and education
  • Develop and/or deliver a provider training program
Healthec Clinical Transformation
 Healthec Develop a care coordination strategy

Advisory Services

Care Coordination

  • Develop a care coordination strategy
  • Create care management models that may include: Case Management Nurses, Transitions of Care Nurses, Disease Management Educators, Wellness Coaches

Advisory Services

Value-based Contract Negotiations

  • Evaluate current clinical and operational performance at the organization, group and provider level
  • Defining population risk
  • Supporting contract discussions with data and expertise
Healthec Value-based Contract Negotiations

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HealthEC Advisory Services

HealthEC has a highly qualified healthcare consultant who comes and discusses the things we need, the things we want to be, and the things we need to achieve our goals. That consultant asks whether we are willing to do the things we need to do and tells us how we can do those things. That person goes over everything and helps us achieve our goals. HealthEC isn't like other companies. When we contracted with EMR companies, everything was about technology. HealthEC is beyond that. They consider the technology, the setup of the practice, the front desk, and everything else. They review everything, and that enables us to be successful.

- CEO/President

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