Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the future of healthcare and central to HealthEC’s industry-leading innovation.

Combining healthcare data, analytics, and advanced algorithms developed by the world’s top data scientists, we are finding hidden patterns across the healthcare spectrum, applying new interventions based on these discoveries, and making transformative gains in improving patient outcomes.

We expect to unveil a solution in 2020 that targets factors that influence hospital readmissions for diabetic patients and predicts the likelihood of future patient readmissions. With preliminary results showing the solution being more than 90 percent accurate, we are very enthusiastic about its future success.

Model Architecture

HealthEC envisions this work as a step toward bringing about revolutionary changes in current healthcare practices and delivery methods in general.

Transformative changes in healthcare practice and delivery are beginning to take place as a result of the growing role of machine learning and artificial intelligence – and HealthEC will continue to provide leadership in these categories over the long term.

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