Real Social Influencers: Pioneering Quality Measures for SDoH Resources

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HealthEC???s Best In KLAS Population Health Management Platform - comprising our care management module CareConnect??? and our analytics module 3D Analytics??? - is designed to elevate quality of care and patient experience by overcoming the healthcare industry's toughest data challenges.

HealthEC Conquer system

Conquer system chaos with a Universal Data Warehouse of normalized claims, clinical, and SDoH data, from any source. CMS certified for reuse.

HealthEC Inform Strategies

Inform strategies with actionable insights at the diagnosis, provider, practice, and organizational levels, presented in clear dashboards or at the point of care. Enhanced MCO performance reviews and CMS interoperability rule compliance.

HealthEC Harness AI

Harness machine learning and artificial intelligence to stratify risk, identify care gaps, and power predictive models.

HealthEC Eliminate Workflow

Eliminate workflow disruption with integrated, customizable care plans, decision-support tools and robust care management support.

HealthEC Deliver Patient

Deliver patient-centric care by seamlessly coordinating with community resources and addressing social determinants of health.

HealthEC Enable effective

Enable effective payer-provider collaboration with a shared view of quality measures and value-based performance.

HealthEC Application

HealthEC by the Numbers

HealthEC Implementation

6-8 weeks for a typical implementation

HealthEC e-connectors

Serving over 5.2M patients, and over 25,000 providers

HealthEC in Medicare

Processing over 139M claims, and 4.5M clinical data elements

Over 8,200 practices in more than 40 states

More than 4,400 regional and national payers

HealthEC in Medicare

Over $161M in savings for MSSP programs in the last 5 performance years

Average savings of $4.7M per ACO for MSSP in 2019

$685 PMPY savings in MSSP for 2019, 3X higher than non HealthEC ACOs

HealthEC KLAS overall Vendor Score: 91.9

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