ACO in a Box®

HealthEC® provides a comprehensive and affordable ACO Solution Suite for the integration and coordination of care. The HealthEC® ACO Solutions Suite seamlessly integrates Population Management, Disease Management, Case Management and Patient Engagement functionality into a seamless, scalable solution.

Transforming HEALTHCARE

The ACO model is transforming the healthcare industry with the shift towards new reimbursement models based on transparency around clinical performance. ACOs will require hospitals, primary care practices, and ancillary services to coordinate and improve the care of an assigned patient population while managing overall costs of care. Achieving quality improvement and sustaining it across large patient populations has become mandatory. How do Healthcare Organizations tackle these issues?

The shift to ACOs underscores the need to securely integrate disparate data sources (clinical, claims and administrative) across the healthcare continuum. Healthcare organizations should have the ability to

  • Capture data from multiple resources (hospital, clinics, labs, claims, other Providers):
  • Share PHI for care coordination
  • Measure data against evidence based standards
  • Use Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyze individual and population health trends, identify high risk individuals and populations
  • Increase patient engagement through access to PHI and active participation in management of their health

Integrated ACO Solutions and Services Across the Continuum of Care

HealthEC® provides a comprehensive and affordable ACO solution suite to implement integration and coordination of care. The HealthEC® ACO Solutions suite is a modular, scalable, 1-stop solution that helps healthcare organizations create better outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for the populations they serve.



HealthEC® provides an integrated approach to Population Health Management that combines analytics, technology and service to deliver a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of your population’s needs and risks.

Simplifying Claims and Beneficiary Management

Our Claims and Beneficiary Management services include claims aggregation, beneficiary address collection, beneficiary mailing, consent management, beneficiary reconciliation, claims validation, and normalization. We also help practices with Provider Practice Assignment, Provider Specialty Assignment, and PCP Member Attribution.


Achieving Clinical Integration

Provides a clear understanding of your patient population by aggregating and integrating data from multiple sources: Claims, EHR, Federal and State Registries, HIEs, Labs and Pharmacies. The HealthEC® Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution and our proprietary data integration tools connect Provider and patient data across multiple care settings and technology.

Our HIE and Data integration solutions allow you to:

  • Aggregate data
  • Connect and collaborate across the health care community
  • Organize and present health information
  • Prepare data for analytics and population health management

Population Analytics: Delivering Actionable Insights

HealthEC® assesses and aggregates raw data and converts it into an actionable view of your entire patient population. Our Population Analytics solution delivers insights into population health trends and patterns helping you zero in on patients in need of attention. By identifying at-risk patients using these automated outreach tools, we help you engage and deliver effective, proactive care to the entire population.

The HealthEC® solution continuously aggregates and analyzes information about your patient population, delivering information to care team members whenever they need it. Population Analytics helps practices with:

  • Identification of gaps in care, medical errors and quality issues
  • Devising personalized care plans
  • Applying accepted evidence-based medical standards
  • Member behavior prediction
  • Proactive patient engagement
  • Utilization optimization
  • Real-time care error prevention

HealthEC® Care Management Workflow
Coordinating care across organizations is fundamental to the success of any accountable care initiative. HealthEC® integrated technologies and care management services deliver enhanced care coordination and improve patients’ health care experience.

Care Management Platform Evidence Based Care Program

The HealthEC® Care Manager helps care managers with seamless coordination among case management, disease management, utilization and health and wellness functionalities. Care managers can proactively identify care opportunities, automatically stratify patients into risk categories and take actions based on automated alerts.

The web-based interoperable Care Manager solution is driven by evidence based care gaps that populates the patient care plans, case management notes, disease registries, and population risk scores.


HealthEC® provides a comprehensive set of reports and Dashboards that deliver meaningful insights from clinical and financial data, measure clinical and financial goals and enable reporting requirements for state and federal initiatives.

Our solutions cover a wide category including:

  • Organizational Summary
  • Provider Reports
  • Quality Reports
  • Financial Analysis

Patient Engagement

HealthEC® engages and empowers patients through:

  • Dedicated support staff for direct contact with patients by telephone or email
  • An integrated personal health record (PHR)
  • A mobile PHR that provides timely health alerts and medication reminders

Telehealth Device Integration

Portal integration with Telehealth device partners allows the viewing of patient health data on a regular basis. Since each patient’s health data is recorded daily and displayed on the Portal, any anomalies in patient’s health data can be easily identified and remedial measures can be taken.


Single Partner For Integrated, End-To-End ACO Solutions

HELATHEC provides end-to-end ACO solutions that enable practices to set up an integrated ACO infrastructure. The breadth and depth of our solutions and services ensure you deal with just a single partner, ensuring a faster ACO implementation.

Health Information Exchange: Achieving Seamless Connectivity

The HealthEC® HIE solution unlocks patient data sitting in silos and provides a single longitudinal view of patient information, helping Healthcare Organizations achieve true interoperability


Share data across multiple systems

The HealthEC® Connectors suite provide interoperability with all major EHRs; simplifying information sharing across the care continuum.

Click Here to see our EMR/ADT/LAB eConnectors


A cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, data entry tool, the HealthEC® GPRO/DDE documents quality measures needed for the various Payer contracts managed by the ACO organization.

Provider eConnect: Manage Claims, Access Patient Information

  • Provider eConnect Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Provider eConnect Clinical
  • Provider eConnect EMR Lite

HealthEC® Consent Tracker

The web-based Consent tracker tool simplifies the process of Beneficiary Address Collection, Beneficiary Address Verification, Beneficiary Mailing, Consent Management and Beneficiary Reconciliation.


Mobile Solution

Improve Patients Engagement and Provider Efficiency

Patient Engagement through Patient Mobile Integration

HealthEC® Mobile PHR gives members access to Health Records received from the Provider’s health information exchange (HIE) or integrated EMR systems. Some of the features include:

  • Secure Provider-patient messaging
  • Alerts and reminders for medications, patient education, test results and public alert
  • Statistical charts for tracking BMI, BP, glucose, cholesterol and calorie intake
  • Emergency contacts, PCP details, pharmacy, insurance carriers and plans




Improve Provider Efficiency

HealthEC® patient mobile solutions help health systems actively engage their patients by providing patients with targeted information that keeps them compliant and healthy. Our mobile solutions help Providers make better-informed decisions and collaborate effectively to improve clinical outcomes – while ensuring the privacy and security of patient data.



Key Competitive Advantages

Purpose-built for healthcare

Unlike other technology Providers offering their products and services to the healthcare market, HealthEC® has been healthcare focused since day one. Our cloud-based software platform is purpose-built to connect the healthcare ecosystem. It leverages HealthEC’s deep expertise in healthcare data standards, compliance, and transaction management to collect, exchange, and present the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.

Healthcare interoperability

HealthEC® has the ability to connect any Payer, Provider, Physician and Patient. Our integrated health information gateway with out-of-the box semantic mapping and pluggable healthcare services make HealthEC’s platform easy to integrate and optimize on top of your existing IT infrastructure as well as with any devices used across the ecosystem.

HealthEC® platforms are scalable, modular, secure and cloud-based

HealthEC’s cloud-based software platform provides a secure and flexible foundation for the efficient development and deployment of both out-of-the-box and custom healthcare information solutions. It combines comprehensive application functionality with HealthEC’s considerable domain expertise and application certifications enabling users to build and customize specific solutions for customer needs while accelerating time to market and ROI benefit.

HealthEC® is a healthcare information software company. Our solutions streamline the secure exchange of clinical, financial and administrative information to improve patient outcomes, increase care efficiency and reduce healthcare administrative costs. Leveraging our cloud-based technology platform and our deep expertise in the healthcare information field, we provide custom and out-of-the-box software and services solutions that connect patients, Providers, pharmacists, employers, Payers, and financial services stakeholders. HealthEC® is based in Piscataway, New Jersey and can be found online at