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3D Analytics

Healthcare BI and Analytics Solutions

Healthcare organizations across the country are being pushed to deliver higher quality care while reducing costs. The movement towards Population Health management is also posing new challenges: connecting related components of the clinical workflow and disparate data sources across the care continuum - most of which have evolved in isolation of each other.

How do you identify at-risk population and tie them to care management systems for real-time error prevention? 

HEALTHEC™: Delivering Actionable Insights

HEALTHEC Analytics Solutions

HEALTHEC™ provides advanced Analytics solutions - designed to collate disconnected data from across the healthcare ecosystem and deliver real-time, point-of-care insights. The actionable analysis empowers our clients to take patient-centered decisions quickly and with confidence.

  • At-risk member identification
  • Risk level determination for care plan members
  • Gaps in care Identification
  • Care management optimization 
  • Member behavior prediction 
  • Proactive patient engagement 
  • Utilization optimization
  • Real-time care error prevention

Measure and Monitor ACO Performance  

HEALTHEC™ provides comprehensive financial, operational, utilization, and clinical excellence reports for healthcare managers and executive decision-makers. HEALTHEC™ 3D Analytics and reports can be used to monitor ACO performance, evaluate physician performance, act on key quality indicators and effectively measure and report for Meaningful Use, PQRS, and other compliance needs.

  • Organizational Performance 
    • Organizational Dashboard 
    • Membership
    • Financial Reports
    • Utilization Report
    • Hospital Reports
    • Pharmacy Reports
    • Employer Reports
  • Provider Reports
    • PCP Dashboard
    • Specialist Dashboard
  • Quality Reports
    • ACO and PQRS reporting


We help you collate and transform healthcare data into meaningful, actionable information: alerts, point of care decision support and areas for process improvements, dramatically improving the success of your healthcare organization. The 3D Analytics solution has been helping healthcare organizations better coordinate decisions, extract and present key clinical information and respond to situation in real time. Partner with HEALTHEC™ to: 

  • Improve patient experience
  • Improve quality of care
  • Reduce risk
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Reduce costs 
  • Improve financial performance